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Scholarship Winners

Congratulations Kyleigh Lamb and Mikailla Waltos!
Pictured here with Scholarship Chair-Person: Connie Chapman

Welcome to AHA Region 4 Website

The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) and Region 4 provide many opportunities for you to enjoy the Arabian horse. AHA is a full-service breed association and registry for owners of Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses.

The AHA’s Region 4 is comprised of the entire state of Oregon and Southern Idaho. Home to many of the nation's top show horses, Region 4 is proud of its friendly members who want to share the Arabian and part-Arabian horses with others.

Region 4 Announcements

By Christy Egan
Friday, June 27th, 2014

It was everything you could want from a Regional fundraiser and more! The idea for the event came from Karla Moffitt's assistant trainer, 22-year-old Haley Vachter.

"I was at a local horse show and a friend and I were talking on the rail," Haley says. "We thought, wouldn't it be fun to have a bunch of professional trainers compete in Showmanship? It would be so funny! Then I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the Nationals and was impressed with an Arabian Horsemen's Distress Fund project that took Arabian horses out to interact with handicapped children at The Little Light House School. I thought it would be great to do something to benefit the AHDF ... so with help from a bunch of folks, including Region 4 Director, Mary Jane Brown, we added a Calcutta and costumes and combined the ideas. A great concept, though who could have predicted just how successful and popular the event would eventually turn out? Region 4 has become a great show over the last few years. The kudos from exhibitors and trainers are enthusiastic and the attendance is growing steadily. On Tuesday evening during this year's pre-show, there was a Potluck dinner in the ring, served up, shared and enjoyed by everyone. While the large crowd was eating dinner 11 Arabian trainers entered the ring with horse in-hand to compete in the AHDF Calcutta Showmanship class. The audience began to chuckle, and then to laugh uproariously. The costumes for horse and horseman were simply hilarious. Some of them defied description. There was a "pointedly endowed" Madonna, a Country Western singer, a flower child from the Sixties, someone that looked sort of like Elton John and well ... you just had to be there! Participating trainers included Ron Copple, LaRae Fletcher Powell, Mary Jane Brown, Deb Witty, Jesse Saldana, Vicki Bowman, Doug Stewart, Lisa Munson, Josie Gillespie, Monte Collison, and Harmony Pugh. -

Judges Jim Hitt, Lori Conway and Johnny Ryan adjudicated while a local professional auctioneer called the crowd to bid on their favorites. The trainers went through the entire Showmanship pattern and the crowd roared its approval. Deb Witty was chosen Champion and Josie Gillespie was called out for Reserve. Winners received pink flamingos. At one point during the event an anonymous donation was received and that created a snowball effect with a number of anonymous donations rolling in to support the appearance of participating trainers. At the end of the evening over $7,000 was raised for the AHDF.

"It was a lot of fun and there was great participation by the crowd and the trainers," noted judge, John Ryan. "I swear ... everybody in the state of Idaho was there! It's really what horse shows are supposed to be, people having a great time with horses! Kudos to Region 4!"

"We certainly had our doubts going in but all of us got into putting on a show when we got into the ring," laughs Region 4 Director, Mary Jane Brown. "The camaraderie was amazing. The whole crowd just came together like a happy family. It was so much fun."

The Arabian Horsemen's Distress Fund is a 501c3 dedicated to helping the Arabian horse community members recover from unexpected crisis. As well, the AHDF is committed to promoting and educating people both within and beyond our immediate circle of horsemen about how Arabian horses can impact people's lives for the better. Visit www.horsemensdistressfund.com and help them help others today!

Watch the VOD of the AHDF Showmanship Calcutta: [CLICK HERE]

View Original Article with pictures: [CLICK HERE]

Region 4 Horses and Shows

Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses from Region 4 are among the best in the nation. Whether you are looking for a national quality show horse, an athletic sport horse, a trusty trail companion, or a backyard pet, our members can help you find that special four-legged friend.

The Region 4 Arabian Championship Horse Show is held annually in June at the Idaho Horse Park, the Pacific Northwest's premier horse show facility located in Nampa, Idaho. We are eager to welcome back our fervent supporters who have voted this their USEF Favorite Arabian Show – THREE YEARS IN A ROW! Barn parties, wonderful vendors and, some of the most beautiful, talented Arabian show horses in America are highlights of our annual week of fun and excitement. We hope you can attend as an exhibitor, but if not, come as a spectator and experience the unique hospitality of the Idaho Horse Park. You will soon discover that this show is well worth the drive.

As you make your plans to qualify for Regional classes, we hope you patronize the other fine horse shows offered in Region 4 by our member clubs. We offer a pre-show as a lead in to the Championship Show in case you need additional qualifications or you just need a tune-up to be at your best.

We try to be a responsive region by supporting not only the show ring, but also the non-show events. We offer Sport Horse events, endurance rides, trail rides, scholarships and eight local clubs to meet the wants of all Arabian horse owners.

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